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“Esmeralda” Mask Chain
“Esmeralda” Mask Chain

“Esmeralda” Mask Chain

Stoneriver Philippines
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For the new ‘Esmeralda’, we chose our most vibrant crystals and pendants to make a statement dangling mask chain. ~ so much you can say even with your mask on. ✨

This mask has Blue Abalone, iridescent crystal, Purple & Yellow Jasper, mystical hand holding a rhinestone all in 14k non-tarnish gold Plating.

Hook these chains onto your mask for increased convenience!
No more storing your mask in your purse, or misplacing it throughout your busy days ~ wear it around your neck and never lose track of this essential!

Hardware: 14k non-tarnish Gold plated chain.

Handmade and designed
in the Philippines by Stoneriver.