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caged dark amethyst -- STONERIVERPH by Kimberly Sabala
caged dark amethyst -- STONERIVERPH by Kimberly Sabala
Chains by Stoneriverph
Chains by Stoneriverph


Stoneriver Philippines
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The Master ealer
Amethyst is extremely soothing and is considered a master healer. It is also known to create a creative atmosphere, intellectual, and spiritual development.


Caring for your Stone: Though rare amethyst may fade, avoid prolonged exposure to bright light. Amethystjewelry is best cleaned with warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber or other soft cloth. Take all your fine jewelry to a professional jeweler at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning and inspection.


Handmade in the Philippines by Stoneriver™.
Genuine Raw Dark Amethyst with 14k non-tarnish yellowgold chain.
Available in six different 17-inches & 18-inches necklace of your choice. ♡


We do our best to make accurate descriptions of the items you will receive. Please note that these are natural stones, therefore may be slightly larger/smaller and color of stones may vary slightly from the exact stones photographed.

Please note that crystals and stones can only be considered as a support for medical treatment and never as a substitution. They are commonly called Healing Crystals for their action on the chakras, knowing that these have no application in modern medicine.