Rental Terms & Agreement

Rental FAQs

How can I rent your Body Jewelry sets?
Message us on instagram to check available rental dates and rates. Our rentals start at 3 days, succeeding days will incur costs. Rental duration starts from the day the set is picked up from our craft space until the day it is returned.

How much to rent a Body Jewelry set?
3 Day Rentals range from P1,500 to P3,800. We require a security deposit from P3,000 per set which will be refunded upon return of the set in good condition.

Which sets are available to rent or purchase?
Sets available to purchase are posted here in our webshop.
Sets for rent are constantly updated via our instagram page. Kindly send us a DM to check for sets we haven't listed on the webshop.

Rental Terms & Agreement

Loan Duration
Stoneriver jewelry pieces can be borrowed for 3 days or as agreed, rental duration starts when pieces are picked up. A penalty of 10% of the Retail Price Value will be charged for every day that the return of the piece is delayed. Please be courteous and responsible in adhering to the terms of this contract.

Credit Rights
By renting our pieces, you grant Stoneriver the right to share the shoot photos on our online and social media platforms. Similarly, we expect that posts wearing our pieces are given proper credit.

Instagram, Facebook, Stories, Tiktok, Youtube, & other digital or published content must be tagged with both @stoneriverph and/or @kiminthebullet in the post and/or caption. This truly helps our small group of crafters.

Our pieces are lovingly designed & hand-sculpted by our designer and in-house crafters. Involved parties must NOT reproduce or prepare derivative works that look confusingly similar to the leased pieces. 

Extra Costs
Transportation fees will be shouldered by the renter. An upfront security deposit of Php3,000 per set is required to cover minor damages and jewelry refinishing. The deposit will be refunded once the piece is returned in 100% good condition. We love working with you and we will be lenient with penalties. All we ask is that you take good care of our pieces and treat them as your own.

Buying Options
At the shoot, your team might be interested in purchasing our pieces. Purchasing the rental piece is possible. In the event of a sale, Rental Fee will be waived and the Retail Price Value will be followed. Contact us and we will see whether a discount can be given depending on the circumstances.