Bakunawa Bangle (Closed)
Bakunawa Bangle (Closed)

Bakunawa Bangle (Closed)

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First batch sold out in 2 hours! We are now taking reservations for our next and final batch. Please allow us at least 1 week to get to your order ✨

The Bakunawa is a serpent-like dragon in Philippine Mythology (Bicolano & Visayan origin).

Often, serpents are connected with spirituality as they represent deities and other supernatural forces governing the cosmic balance of the upper and lower world.

In Philippine mythology, the Bakunawa is known to be responsible for earthquakes as it crawls under the crevices of the earth; and eclipses as it tries to devour the moon.

This creature possesses qualities beyond comprehension of our ancient ninunos; inciting fear and awe to whoever witnesses them.

The bangle is brass plated with Gold.
Fits 6 to 8 inch wrists.
Hand engraved details.
Small batch only!

To maintain brass jewelry:
• Keep away from perfumes, body oils, or other chemicals.
• Do not wear in the water.
• If your jewelry inevitable gets wet, dry it out completely immediately to avoid oxidation.
• Brass jewelry will eventually fade into its natural brass look (reminiscent of antique gold finish) ☼