Grounding Rituals Kit

Grounding Rituals Kit

We Found A Place - Las Pinas
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How does your morning routine look like?

Do you take a few minutes after waking up to set intentions and affirmations, take a stretch, move your body or maybe write on your journal? We Found A Place's Smudging Rituals Kit is here to support you in grounding before your day begins. 

As we advocate mindfulness in our everyday - we challenge you to start your mornings without checking your phone, emails or social media apps (even for 20 minutes). We are hopeful that this gives you a clearer headspace to set you up even more grounded and aligned. This way, we pour out energy from a place of centeredness of our being - showing up more present and embodied to the people we will be interacting - whether virtually or in person.

This curated Grounding Rituals Kit contains 2 boxes of incense  : Palo Santo & White Sage and Palo Santo & Copal and an incense holder. With 9 incense sticks per box, each stick burns for 50-60 minutes. We Found A Place is here to support you as you take your time in slowing down to nourish the body. Our hope is that you integrate this daily practice in moments in your day that might be a little challenging and takes you out of your center. Once you learn to integrate this, you won't even need the incense sticks to anchor you in, just that awareness of the breath you breathe through the parts of you that need tending :)