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Wanderer ☼ Set
Wanderer ☼ Set
Wanderer ☼ Set

Wanderer ☼ Set

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L I V E  W I T H  W O N D E R ~ ☼

Green Jade -  My journey is abundant in meaningful adventures

Rose Quartz - I am full of love and kind curiosity for this universe, and people, and my self

Tourmalinated Quartz - My body is full of Free Flowing Energy

Part of our Crystal Pendant Sets. 

Handmade in the Philippines by Stoneriver™.

All Genuine Rose Quartz Chip, Green Jade Nugget, Tourmalinated Quartz Nugget wire wrapped in 18k gold-filled wire +  14k gold-filled chain of your choice 

We do our best to make accurate descriptions of the items you will receive. Please note that these are natural stones, therefore may be slightly larger/smaller and color of stones may vary slightly from the exact stones photographed.

Please note that crystals and stones can only be considered as a support for medical treatment and never as a substitution. They are commonly called Healing Crystals for their action on the chakras, knowing that these have no application in modern medicine.