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'Kundalini Prehnite' Multiwear Chain (24"-38")

'Kundalini Prehnite' Multiwear Chain (24"-38")

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Awaken your divine feminine ✸ This masterful chain features Prehnite, the stone of unconditional love, that rests on your Kundalini chakra when worn around the waist.

This multiwear chain can also be worn around the neck, allowing the glorious Prehnite to rest on your heart.

We love this piece for all the meaningful charms strung into it. You deserve all of the brilliance that this beauty holds ❦

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- 10k gold filled chains
- Prehnite point
- Kundalini Serpent charm

✸ Handmade and sourced locally in the Philippines for the Sophisticated Bohemian.

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